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A culinary journey awaits in Paros with our fresh and flavourful Mediterranean fare

Allergens and Notes: (V) – Vegetarian (S) – Seafood (N) – Nuts (D) - Dairy (G) - Gluten

Please inform us of any dietary requirement prior to placing order. All the above prices are in UAE Dirhams and are inclusive of 7% municipality fees, 10% service charge, and 5% VAT.

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Tzatziki (D) (V) (G)
AED 40
Greek yoghurt, cucumber, garlic served with pita bread
Taramosalata (S)(D)(G)
AED 40
Cod fish roe, olive oil, garlic, white onion served with pita bread
Tyrokafteri (V)(D)(G)
AED 45
Feta, bell pepper, mint, dill, green chili served with pita bread
Melitzanosalata (V)(G)(N)
AED 40
Smoked eggplant, pine nuts, parsley, tomato, onion, garlic served with pita bread
Greek Olives (V)(G)
AED 35
Garlic, pomegranate molasses served with pita bread
Fava Bean Hummus (V)(G)
AED 40
Chickpeas, capers, bell pepper served with pita bread
Paros Mezethes Platter (D) (G) (N)
AED 120
Tzatziki, tyrokafteri, melizanosalata, fava brean, hummus, quail eggs, olives, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese served with grilled pita
Oysters 1/2 dozen - Baked (D) (G) (S)
AED 120
Greek Salata (V) (D)
AED 70
Aged feta, heirloom tomato, kalamata olives, onions, peppers, cucumber, olive oil
Quinoa Tabbouleh, Grilled Imathia Peach (V)
AED 65
Tomato, cucumber, onion, parsley, lemon
Heirloom Beet Salad (D) (N) (V)
AED 70
Manouri mousse, roasted walnut, rocket
Grilled Octopus (S)
AED 95
Fennel, orange, caper berries, lemon, olive oil
Marinated Tuna (S) (D)
AED 95
Lemon gel, feta, olive dust, dill leaves, basil
Tomato-Orzo, Prawns (G) (S)
AED 55
Orzo pasta, prawns, basil, parsley, tomato
Truffle Scented Fava (V)
AED 45
Truffle oil, porcini powder, leek, garlic
Kolokithakiya (D) (G) (V)
AED 45
Crispy zucchini, garlic yogurt
Cheese Saganaki (V) (D) (G)
AED 60
Pan fried kefalograviera cheese, lemon, honey-sesame
Spanakopita (V) (D) (G)
AED 50
Filo pastry, feta cheese, spinach, herbs, spicy tomato dip
Kataifi Feta (V) (D) (G) (N)
AED 75
Kunafeh wrapped feta, pistachio crumble, honey, lemon
Salt n Pepper Calamari (S) (D) (G)
AED 70
Baby calamari, lemon dill yoghurt
Kataifi Prawns (S) (D) (G)
AED 95
Kunafeh wrapped prawns, watermelon, goat cheese
Shrimp Saganaki (D) (G) (S)
AED 85
Tomato sauce, bell pepper, garlic toast, feta
Lamb Keftedes (D)
AED 75
Tzatziki, onions, parsley, tomato
Keftedakia sliders (D) (G)
AED 85
Beef meatballs, brioche, yoghurt sauce
Halloumi Slider (D) (G) (V)
AED 70
Zaatar, tomato, rocket, pomegranate molasses
Chicken Souvlaki Pita (D) (G)
AED 75
Whole wheat bread, tomato, onion, tzatziki
Ricotta, Smashed Herbs, and Rocket (V) (D) (G)
AED 75
Garlic Flatbread, Confit Cherry Tomato, Rocket Leaves (D) (G) (V)
AED 75
Crumbled Feta, Pulled Lamb (D) (G)
AED 85
Pepperoni, Oregano, Fresh Chili (D) (G)
AED 85
Tiger Prawns (D)
AED 175
served with house salad & tzatziki
Spanish Octopus Tentacles (D)
AED 165
served with house salad & tzatziki
Grilled Seabass Fillets (D)
AED 145
served with house salad & tzatziki
Pan Seared Salmon (D)
AED 145
served with house salad & tzatziki
Cornfed Baby Chicken (D)
AED 135
served with house salad & tzatziki
Herb roasted Lamb Chops (D)
AED 195
served with house salad & tzatziki
Wagyu Beef Rib Eye 10 OZ (D)
AED 345
served with house salad & tzatziki
Prime Beef Fillet 8 OZ (D)
AED 225
served with house salad & tzatziki
Mixed Grill (D)
AED 245
Tiger Prawn, Seabass Fillet, Lamb Chops, Chicken Souvlaki, Beef Souvlaki served with house salad & tzatziki
Grilled Asparagus
AED 35
Steak Cut Fries
AED 35
Lemon Potatoes
AED 35
Grilled Vegetables
AED 35
AED 35
Gemista (V) (D) (N)
AED 90
Stuffed peppers, tomato, rice, herbs, potato, pine nuts
Greek Fregola Stew (D) (G) (V)
AED 95
Parsley fennel puree, crunchy vegetables, truffle kefalotyri cheese
Vegetable Moussaka (D) (G) (N) (V)
AED 90
Eggplant, tomato, oregano, chickpeas, pine nut, creamy sauce
Spanakopita Ravioli (D) (G) (V)
AED 110
Spinach, feta, herb veloute
Seafood Linguini (S) (D) (G)
AED 130
Prawns, mussels, calamari, chili flakes, cherry tomatoes
Slow Roasted Lamb Shank (D)
AED 145
Lemon risotto, tomato, kefalotyri
Chicken Saganaki (D) (G)
AED 125
Herbed tomato sauce, kalamata olives, crumbled feta, toasted baguette
Loukoumades (D) (N)
AED 50
Deep fried dough, honey, cinnamon, pistachio, vanilla ice cream
Manouri Cheesecake (D) (G)
AED 50
Manouri cheese, poached figs, honey
Baklava (D) (G) (N)
AED 50
Layered crispy pastry, pistachio, vanilla ice cream
Portokalopita (D) (G)
AED 50
Greek orange cake, cinnamon ,vanilla ice cream
Sokolatopita (D) (G)
AED 50
Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake
Ice Cream Selections per scoop (D)
AED 20
Pistachio / Chocolate / Vanilla
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